Social media has become a part of everyday 21st century life. Chances are that you are one of the estimated 4.2 billions social media users worldwide who already have a profile on Facebook or Instagram. You might even be posting comments or uploading photos already.

If you do use social media, you are probably aware of how often local businesses in your area promote on community groups and business pages. 

So the big question here is - why are you not utilising the power of social media for your small business?


Connect personally with your customers

More and more, these days, people really care about the faces behind the brand. It's not enough to be a snappy slogan and slick logo. it's not even enough to tell people what you do or sell any more. People want to really know who you are. There's no better place to define that than on social media – get swept up in the trends of the day, get creative and connect with your customers on a personal level. 

  • Post team photos
  • Share updates about your latest work
  • Start conversations and polls to engage with your customers


Find your target audience

Social media gives you the chance to, essentially, collect your target audience all in one place. You don't even have to go after them – they follow you, Your followers will want to know what you're up to because they're intrinsically invested in what you do. Be authentic, keep them engaged and entertained and watch those connections form.

  • Create and share blog posts full of relevant and helpful information for your customers
  • Share short videos or vlogs


Show your authority

The great thing about any social profile is the ability to grow the reach of your brand. Be authoritative and watch people gravitate to you. Social media is all about making real connections with real people – there's no better way to make those personal connections than by proving that you're a real authority on what you do.

If you're providing value to your customers on your socials, then there's all the more chance that they'll connect with you and convert.

  • You're great at what you do - flaunt it!
  • People want to see proof that you're worth their time and their money


Get feedback (nasty or otherwise)

If you've spent any time at all on social media, you'll know that people will argue over anything. With the digital wall between people allowing people to be a little more “honest,” you can be sure people will tell you how you they really feel about what you do. We're generally very polite, here in the UK but, on social media, the gloves are off! There is a silver lining, however. All feedback, good or bad, is useful. You can get a proper feel for how your customers are feeling about what you do – what they like, what they don't – and adjust accordingly. Don't be scared.

  • Reviews help others make a decision - this is called 'Social Proof'
  • All feedback is better than no feedback


Drive traffic to your website

Your DotGO website and your social media channels go hand in hand. The more you can use one to direct people to the other, the more traffic you're going to see - the more Google sees your site as being worthy of showing people.

Then, the cycle repeats, boosting your website up the rankings and getting more and more digital eyes on you. Use your socials to shout about your website. When there's an update or a new blog post – whatever you have to share – make sure you're getting people clicking from one to the other!

  • Your website is your mothership, this is where your conversions happen
  • See your social media profiles as channels - use them to bring people to your website


It's free real estate

As good a reason as any; social media is free marketing! All of the major platforms have, at the very least, a free version that you can use, so why not jump in and join the conversation? You literally have nothing to lose, financially speaking.

  • All it will cost you is time - or if you would rather have your social media profiles set up professionally, with branding and optimisation, then have a look at our Business Social Media Setup service here.


Improve your Google ranking

When DotGO build your website, we design it in a way that every page has a chance of ranking on Google. Each page has its own key phrase and is optimised to be ranked. The great thing about social media is that every profile and, indeed, every post, has the chance of ranking too!

If you have multiple profiles dominating the search results, you have more and more chance to squash your competition for your chosen keywords, cementing you as an authority in your chosen field.

  • Make sure your social media accounts are linked to your DotGO website, and vice versa


Want to get the most out of marketing your small business online?

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We build websites and, with our Complete Package, we also set up socials. Don't know where to start? We'll get you started with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, designing branding materials for you to use, writing bios and getting you ready to engage with your customers.

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