Every DotGO website includes a free version of Tidio – a smart live-chat system that interacts with your website visitors, helps to navigate them through your website and will capture their contact details on your behalf.

It's clever automations free you up from having to respond to your website visitors, and ensures they are never left feeling ignored.

All you need to do is regularly login to your Tidio app and grab the customer information that Tidio has collected for you.

If you want to generate new customers through your website, then we highly recommend you use Tidio.


We've found that 76% of customers expect to engage with a customer representative immediately upon first contact with a company – Tidio has been an instrumental ‘first contact' tool for DotGO customers.


What Tidio can do for your business

  • Lead generation: Grab your visitors contact information in seconds, turning window shoppers into qualified leads
  • Arrange quotes and bookings: Give your customers a quick and easy way to arrange a free quote or make a reservation by embedding your booking forms directly into the Tidio chat window
  • Share important messages: Welcome new visitors, offer discount codes or announce a sale – Tidio is more than just a chat bot, it's a great way to get your important messages in front of your prospecting customers
  • Would you like to know more...: Tidio can also be used to inform your visitors of your other products and services, offering quick, curated navigation


Instant Communication with your website visitors

Of course, you can opt to use Tidio as a traditional chat bot system. Instant message with your website visitors as soon as they land on your website and answer any query they may have first-hand directly through the Tidio app or your Tidio dashboard on your computers browser.

You can even video call with them through your chat window.


The experience a company's website provides is as important as its products and services.

It's important to remember that your website is designed to bring you business.

It should be easy to use, simple to navigate and offer ways for your visitors to engage with your business directly.

When we mentioned live-chat to our customers, many immediately reply “I don't have time for that” … you don't have time to talk to new customers?!

That's like a customer entering your shop, walking up to the till and ignoring them because you're too busy doing the stock check.

You should never turn away good business - and with Tidio you won't have too.

See it as your websites virtual receptionist, ready 24 hours a day, 7 days to take your potential customers messages.


Setting up Tidio on your website

Your DotGO designer will setup your Tidio account for you, integrating the live chat bot into your DotGO website. You will be sent your account login details.

All you will need to do is download Tidio onto your smart device through your app store or login to the Tidio website to view your dashboard.


This how Tidio will work on your website:

1. A visitor lands on your website

2. Tidio initiates a chat with a custom welcome message

3. The website visitor will interact with the chat bot - depending on your chosen workflow, they will be asked to provide contact details or make a booking

4. You receive a notification through your app or dashboard

5. Login to your app or dashboard to collect your new lead!


Custom workflows for your DotGO website

Tidio is more than just a live chat or instant messenger. Its real potential comes from workflows – automated sets of rules that the chatbot will follow, triggered by website visitor actions.

  • You can tell Tidio to send different greetings messages to first time visitors and repeat customers to your website.
  • Tidio can send specific messages to clients on different webpages.
  • Have a customer looking at an item page you are having trouble selling? Here's a 10% discount code!
  • Have a visitor looking at a service deep page? Ask them of they want to arrange a free quote!

If a visitor wants to make a booking, why not take the details through Tidio and then use a modal popup to take them to your booking screen?

By understanding where a customer is on their journey through your website, you can use Tidio to engage with them.

DotGO can setup personalised workflows for your website - get in touch with your designer to discuss a custom quote.