We've recently integrated Tidio into our affordable website design packages to provide online chat tools to help our clients interact with their customers. We use it ourselves - it's the little speech bubble in the bottom right of your screen. While simple to get to grips with, there's a lot on offer to discuss.

What is Tidio?

Tidio offers a live chat solution that can be added to your website design, giving you a quick and convenient tool to interact with your customers. It's the fourth most popular live chat solution in the world and is utilised by over a million users.

Your visitors simply see it as a little window that allows them to send a message, but behind the scenes it can be a great way to generate leads, collect customer details, entice them with offers and answer any questions. Tidio combines a clean and quick online chat with a wealth of extra features such as chatbots, visitor tracking and mass mailing all under one roof in a clever package.

What does it cost?

A powerful new way of interacting with my customers, it must be expensive... right?

Well, actually, it's free.

Tidio offers a free service to all its customers. While it does have some limitations, it provides a great way of getting to grips with how it could work for your business. It's limited to having three staff accounts and for your chatbots to only activate 100 times a month, but for most sites this would work fine. Additional packages can be added at anytime for only a small monthly fee.

How can it help me?

Online chat provides a great instant communication tool for your visitors. Perhaps someone wants to check if an item is available in their size, or if your services are available at the weekend, traditionally a phone call or email would be required, but Tidio gives your customers a quick way to ask those questions, and you a simple way to answer their questions before they leave the site or look elsewhere. If you're out and about, then a message could inform your visitors that you will reply on your return, or you could use the Tidio mobile app to answer enquires on the go.

In a previous article, we looked at how chatbots could be a great tool to interact with your customers. These bots can interact with your customers in many ways such as taking down contact details for you to call them back, answering common questions or informing site visitors about an upcoming promotion. Chatbots can be used in a variety of ways and Tidio provides a selection of ready made bots to perform a variety of roles. The bots can also be upgraded to a simple flowchart editor which lets you get creative with how the bots will interact with your visitors.

The additional upgrades provide deeper tools to see how people are using your website design. The Communicator bundle lets you see what page your visitors are looking at and keeps tabs of their journey around your site. If someone keeps looking at the same product, you could send them a little message about it, or if a visitor has deeper questions about a particular offering you can see where they have already looked.

There are lots of different ways in which Tidio could be used to improve the relationship between you and your customers. As a free service, there's no reason to not try it out and see how it could help.

Want to have a chat with our team about how a clever communication tool and a beautiful website design can go hand in hand to create a great online presence? Call DotGO today and start building something beautiful.


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