When designing a new business website, it is always key to create something that suits your business and your style. Clever website design is about creating your own private bubble of the internet, that is an extension of your business, rather than something that is tacked on. One of the industries we often see that needs to pay a lot of attention into getting the right tone and feel is therapy. Sites belonging to therapists, life coaches, personal trainers and consultants, need a website that not only looks professional and makes it easy to understand their services, but it also needs to look approachable and friendly. 

Getting to know you

Your website visitors will need to look at your website and get to understand your services, and how you can help them. But for a lot of people, it might be quite difficult for someone to reach out and admit they need help to a stranger online. With a website in these kinds of industries, it’s always important to strike the right balance of professionalism but to still inject enough of your personal tone. Bespoke website design is all about understanding your style and approach, in order to create a website that suits your business and customers. The written content of a website can be tailored around your style, to ensure your customers are at ease, and when they do speak to you, they feel like they are in the right place and have made the correct decision. It may also help to have a page on the site dedicated to you, explaining your story and background to give your visitors more insight into why you may be a good fit for them.

Getting onboard

Once your website visitors have got a good understanding of who you are and what you can do, we need them to get in touch. There are many different approaches that could be used to get your customers to reach out and contact you, such as using online web messaging or enquiry forms. If you needed take an online payment or get your visitors to book a session, we can add a range of payment solutions and booking systems. Some businesses may be based around running sessions in a specific location, and these websites could benefit from providing times and location information so your customers can plan their journey in advance and make sure you are within their range. Other sites may offer online services through Zoom, Google Meet or other web conferencing software, for these it may be useful to explain how your sessions may work in advance, or provide a session link after payment has been made.

Where to start

As with building any business website, it’s important to think about what you want the site to do for your business, and what you would want your visitors to do when they are exploring your site. It’s also very important to find web designers who can understand your view and will work closely with you to create something that ticks all the right boxes.

If you want to find out more about how we could work with you then feel free to reach out and have a chat with our friendly team.