LinkedIn is considered the perfect place to put your best professional foot forward. It's the place to talk about your accomplishments, engage with similar service providers and make business connections that can grow your network. It all starts with a post. Things are a little different to Facebook and Instagram, here – while they're more casual and fun, LinkedIn is the place to talk accomplishments, goals and business.



Start A Post

Take a look at your business profile dashboard and you'll be encouraged to do just that. You've got options for what you can post but the main thing to remember, just like with any other business social media post, is to keep things “on brand.” You don't have to concern yourself with being too serious or trying to look important. Just be honest about what your company stands for, what you think and what you can do.


Share Photos

Your business is made up of people and LinkedIn is a fantastic place to show them off. Take photos at conferences, meetings and share a picture when you've made a new connection or struck a new deal with partners. The culture of LinkedIn is the combination of personal and professional. Sharing photos of the team and what you're up to is a great way to bring about that balance.


Post Videos

Video content is a great way to draw attention to your business on LinkedIn. Are you speaking at a conference? Maybe you're doing some work in the field. Maybe you're on a team outing and you spot something relevant to your followers. If you have a media unit or are media-savvy yourself, LinkedIn is the perfect place to post explainers and informative content about your products and services. There's a lot of scope!


What Do You Want to Know?

Do you have a question you want answered? Looking for advice? Collect data and get those answers fast with a poll. Ask the question and fill out the fields in the boxes below, to give people quick multiple-choice options. You can choose to run the poll from one day to up to two weeks. Get the answers you need.


Go Long-Form

There's even an option to “Write an article,” if you so choose. Maybe there's a hot topic that's weighing heavily on your mind. Your business might have a few thoughts to share or, better yet, a solution. You can get a lot more detailed in an article than you can with a standard post, so really get into it and get people thinking about what you have to say.


Post a blog

LinkedIn is the perfect venue to post a blog from your DotGO website. Use hashtags to increase your posts visibility and ask you followers to interact with your post. 


Grow Your Team

LinkedIn give you the option to post a job for free, too! (If you want to post several, you'll need to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium – their paid subscription version) Who do you need in order to complete the team? Name the position, tell prospective employees where they'll be working and attach a description. Then, send it out and watch the applications come in!

If you're looking to grow your business's standing in the online space, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start. Get ready to connect with like-minded people and contribute to the culture of your industry like never before!



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