If you offer a product or any kind of visual service, Instagram is a must. It's not only pictures that you can post there now, however – the platform has come a long way since the days of a simple square image with a filter. You've got video, video editing and so much more to play with.

One thing that really sets Instagram apart from its other social media counterparts is that it is absolutely NOT a desktop platform. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter made their start on desktop computers, while the phone app was a bit of an afterthought, to begin with. Instagram is different. Your phone is your key to cracking the Instagram market, so make sure you've got a phone that can handle it!


Create Your Content

That's the prompt that will meet you when you're ready to post something new. You may have a photo in your camera reel or some product snaps you just can't wait to share. Instagram is the perfect place! In the app, on your phone, find the plus sign at the top of your Profile page and you'll be presented with a series of options:

  • Post
  • Reel
  • Story
  • Story Highlight
  • Live
  • Guide


How to Post on Instagram

You can't go wrong with a classic image post. Simply tap “Post” and you'll be presented with the most recent pictures from your camera roll.

Simply choose the one you want your followers to see, pick a filter and do some basic image editing, if you like – brighten or darken, accentuate a certain colour, etc. – and you're ready to go.

All you'll need now is a caption and make sure you tag your business location or product. Then, hit post.


How To Create a Reel

Heard of TikTok? Reels are Instagram's answer. Create all kinds of video content to show off your products, services, your people or your work. You can add filters, music, timers and get really creative with different layouts, too. There's a lot to get your teeth into but, if you're new to Instagram, it might help to start simple. Take a look below.

How to make an Instagram Story

Instagram Stories allow you to send out a quick video or image in your “Story” section.

They're perfect for those little business updates that you need to get out there, but that aren't quite deserving of a permanent post on your Instagram grid. Load one up and see it appear at the top of your home page.

It will stick around for 24 hours. If it's something you'd like to keep around and pin to the top of your Profile, you can make it a “Story Highlight,” too. The 24-hour rule still applies to other people's profiles, but it will still be right there at the top of yours.


How to Live-stream

If you're looking to garner attention for something that's happening right this second, go live! Ask questions of your audience and really engage with them on a personal level.

It's just like being on face-time, only you're talking to every follower who cares to watch.

Once the Live is complete, you can save it to your phone for later use, or you have the option to share it to your Stories for the next 24 hours.


Be Your Customers' Guide

If you run a business with a physical location that you just can't help but show off, a Guide is the perfect thing to help you do just that. You don't even have to have your own pictures! A Guide allows you to piece together a selection of pictures that other Instagram users have taken at your premises. Add a description, choose a cover photo and show your Instagram followers why yours is the place to be!


Seem A Bit Daunting?

Let DotGO help get you started. We offer a Complete Package, which involves the complete establishment of no less than four different social media platforms. We'll set them up for you, create branding and fill in bios. Once the work is done, we'll hand you the keys and you'll be ready to go! All you have to do is hit post…



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