Become a fountain of knowledge in your sector

Your business can become a go-to place for customers, by providing information on the subject. You can give your customers knowledge and insight, and improve brand recognition too.

Offer something meaningful to your customers

  • It is not only advertising and sponsorships that improve brand awareness. You can create value that goes beyond your product, and interact with the community around your industry.
  • This doesn't have to mean sharing trade secrets, but if your relationship with your customers goes further than the one transaction, you will find your business reaps benefits for months and years beyond that transaction.
  • So read on to find out how to increase brand awareness and establish yourself as the authority on your subject.

Why is demonstrating expertise important?

Google rates websites according to three main criteria: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is typically abbreviated to E-A-T.

  • Expertise is measured through the amount of original and informative content your website has. You can increase this by writing a blog, linking to how-to videos, and being a source of news and industry knowhow.
  • Authoritativeness is improved by receiving links from other websites and influential sources. If you demonstrate expertise, and publicise it intelligently, your website will gain authority naturally.
  • Trustworthiness is especially important for medical and financial sectors. For this, accreditations, references, and verifiable contact details are vital. Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness are very much intrinsic.

By adding informative and insightful content, your expertise rating, and your website's performance will improve through search engines. Furthermore, your clients and website readers will keep coming back to you, and share your content across social media, increasing your brand recognition overall. People will link to your business to guide others and provide information that is useful, because you can be the best source available.

You are more of an expert than you realise

Many people underestimate the amount of expertise that is required in certain trades, and the information for this is not always widely available. Mechanics, care workers, beauty therapists, locksmiths, and many other trades require experience and training in order to perform at a professional level. And yet the knowledge of the trade is harder to come by than academic or scientific information. Being a source of that valuable information, whether it is about how to open an anti-snap lock, or how to create the perfect eyebrow, makes your business and website a valuable place too.

How to convey your expertise

  • Blogs: You can add a blog to your DotGO website by following this handy guide, and employing our user-friendly blog tool to add all manner of articles to your website. Your articles can be about virtually anything. From how-to guides to reviews of products and tools of the industry, anything your clients or business community may be interested in is fair content to write about.
  • Videos: You can add videos to your website by uploading them to YouTube and linking to them from there. Likewise if you are popular on social media, establishing a YouTube channel as a source in its own right is a great idea if you are thinking about how to increase brand awareness.
  • EBooks: For more complex ideas or information, writing and self-publishing an eBook, or providing links to informative ones in the industry, is also a great way to improve your online reputation.

Shareable content is free advertising

If your content is interesting or educational, and easy to post on social media, your content is shareable. Whether it's a short TikTok video or a full length eBook manual, each time it is shared, your company name and your business comes along with it for the ride, spreading your good name wherever it goes.

By contributing to your community, both locally and for your trade, your reputation improves and awareness of your brand increases. Why not try it for yourself by composing a blog on your website?


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