Your business will grow and evolve, make sure your website keeps up with it.

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Become the master of your own business website.

You have an incredibly powerful marketing tool at your fingertips, your business website and the control panel to edit, update, style and monitor every aspect of it...

And it's a lot easier than you think. Your Dedicated website designer will show you how, or follow our support videos for more information.



Why does this matter?

You need to be able to make website changes easily, cutting out the middleman, as well as the extra costs.


  • Your business will change over time.
  • You need your website to keep up.


  • Through your control panel, you can make little changes quickly:
  • Check visitor numbers.
  • See form submissions from your site.
  • Set up email addresses.
  • Access webmail email solutions.
  • Connect with Google.
  • Request extra help.


  • If you have an Ecommerce website, this is even more important.
  • You need to know how to check orders and review payments.

What do we do?

We combine every website we build with its own dedicated control panel, brimming with gadgets.


  • Your control panel is multi-faceted.
  • We’ll familiarise you with it early on.
  • We’ll use the Design Portal together to share ideas and info.


  • One sign-in gives you access to the entire suite.
  • Our systems are easy to use for non-techies.
  • They’re intuitive – VERY simple to use.


  • The control panel is full of videos and guidance to help you.
  • Your designer will take you through a training session, too.
  • They’ll teach you exactly how to use our system.

Humble Beginnings

  • 18 years ago, we started out as a DIY website builder.
  • The control panel was a central feature of our service then.
  • It’s still vital today.


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