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Your business website needs to change as your business grows.

Your small business website is a powerful marketing tool, it's there to inform your existing clients about developments and to create new customers. As your business evolves, your website should reflect and announce these changes - but updating a website sounds difficult and time consuming, right?

Wrong. DotGO make is super easy and lighting fast - no degree in digital design required..



Why does this matter?

Your business, as well as your ideas about your website, will change over time. You need to be able to act.


  • No business looks the same when you start as a year down the line.
  • Your plans change, so your website must change with it.


  • You need to be in control of how your website operates.


  • If your website remains static, your business will outgrow it.
  • The site will become useless.

Customer Dissatisfaction

  • Worse than that, it will actually end up misinforming your customers.
  • They’ll be confused.
  • They’ll be annoyed.
  • They won’t use your services.

What do we do?

We give you options for making changes to your website. Our involvement depends on the changes you need.

Option 1

  • DIY.
  • You’ll have your training video to refer to.
  • We’re always on the phone to provide support.
  • We can talk you through the changes you need to make.

Option 2

  • We get hands-on.
  • Little changes, such as text alterations, we’ll do for free.
  • Bigger ones, such as complete page redesigns, will incur a charge.


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