Security and Backups

Your website is always safe and protected, backed up in multiple places, throughout the day.




We keep you, your website and your email safe online - protecting you from the threats that can ruin your day.

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The internet can be a dangerous place.

It goes without saying that the internet threats can be damaging to your business - but a lot of business owners often do not realise that just because their business is small, they can still be the target of scammers and thieves.

DotGO offer a enterprise level of protection and encryption that we provide for all of our websites, no matter the design package you purchase.



Why does this matter?

No matter how cultured or how crude the method, there is always someone out there trying to steal from you online.


  • They might want to sell your data and the data you’ve captured from clients.
  • They might try more sinister “ransomware.”
  • This involves holding your site hostage until you pay a large sum of money.


  • There are sophisticated groups of people out there.
  • They’re all trying to steal from you.
  • You need to be protected.
  • You need to be prepared.

What do we do?

Through two separate security channels, we foil hundreds of attacks on and threats to our sites per year.

Threat Mitigation

  • The best form of treatment is prevention.
  • We’re always up to date with known threats and vulnerabilities.
  • We use the latest hardware and ensure that all our software is patched regularly.
  • That way, we counter any and all threats.

Disaster Recovery

  • All our systems and every one of our websites are backed up 4x per day.
  • We maintain multiple data centres in Manchester and Birmingham.
  • If one data centre is attacked, we’ll move your site to the other in seconds.


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Security and Backups

Your website is always safe and protected, backed up in multiple places, throughout the day.


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