Hosting and Monitoring

Your site is hosted on the fastest servers, fully encrypted and monitored 24/7 for safety.




Enterprise level hosting and back ups to secured servers are all part of our subscription - at an affordable price.

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Clouds normally mean rain, but your site never drops.

Your website and your email are important to us. They should be protected, fast and reliable. That's why we encrypt your mail and ensure that your website is lightning fast and stored on secured servers.

We never support using cheap, unreliable hosting - your online business shouldn't either.



Why does this matter?

Your site needs to be hosted on a fast, reliable server, or it will be slow and, occasionally, drop out altogether.

  • Not Equal
  • Not all hosting is made equal.
  • Cheap hosting is slow and unreliable.

Noisy Neighbours

  • On cheap hosting sites, you share your bandwidth with other, random websites.
  • If they get busy, your speed suffers.

Suffering from Success

  • Cheap hosting providers charge you more if you get busier.
  • This leads to hidden costs that sneak up on you without your knowledge.

Keep an Eye

  • You need to know if your site or email goes down.
  • If it’s down, you’re missing out on valuable customers.

What do we do?

We design your website to run inside our “cloud,” tuning and optimising your site, so it’s fast and smooth.

The Cloud

  • Our cloud uses state-of-the-art technology.
  • It’s connected to the backbone of the internet.
  • It uses the most blisteringly fast fiber available.


  • We ration cloud accommodation, so your site hosting is never overcrowded.
  • We hand-pick your neighbours, so your site never slows down when others get busy.

No Limit

  • If your site gets busy, we’ll expand your cloud capacity at no extra cost.
  • You won’t be billed if your website needs more.


  • If your site drops, we’ll know in seconds and have it back up in minutes.
  • We monitor your website and email 24/7, 365 days a year.


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Hosting and Monitoring

Your site is hosted on the fastest servers, fully encrypted and monitored 24/7 for safety.


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Security and Backups

Your website is always safe and protected, backed up in multiple places, throughout the day.


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