Google Merchant Centre

Instantly tell Google all about your products and fast-track them to the top of the item listings.




If your customers can’t see your items, how will they purchase them?

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Get your products seen by the masses.

Google Merchant Centre gives you the ability to list the products in your online shop website directly onto Google, giving you solutions to reach hundreds of millions of shoppers who are searching to buy products just like yours.

All of ecommerce website design packages include access to Google Merchant Centre and instructions on how to list your products.



Why does this matter?

You need a way to get your items to the top of Google’s shopping results, shown as you want them seen.


  • If you’ve ever searched for a product on Google, you’ll have used Merchant Centre (GMC).
  • GMC lets you enter your items into Google in a way that’s consistent.
  • Google uses GMC data to match your items with buyers who are after them.


  • Google wants your items uploaded in a certain way.
  • Google’s lazy. It wants to be “fed” the info.
  • If it doesn’t come in right, Google doesn’t accept it.
  • Google wants: Title, Description, Price, Size, Offers, Stock Level, Images etc.


  • Putting all this together yourself is a complete pain.
  • It takes a long time to compile this info in the right way.
  • If you do it even slightly wrong, you may as well not have done it at all.

What do we do?

DotGO create Google Feed code instantly, to deliver your items to Google in a way it wants to see.


  • DotGOs feed generator works instantly.
  • Click one button.
  • Bam. You’re in the listings.


  • Create campaigns to boost your products’ standing.
  • Pay a fee to jump the rankings.

One File

  • We generate a single file that you can save.
  • It contains every single one of your items.
  • Each of them is perfectly coded for Google.
  • A job that might take hours, or even days, now happens in a single click.


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