Mistakes happen. Don't Worry. There’s always a way back.

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Be fearless when it comes to editing your small business website.

Mistakes happen, it's all part of being human.

However, sometimes a big mistake can be costly and take a lot of time to unpick - something a business owner like yourself shouldn't have to worry about.

We back up all of our websites and create snapshots of our website designs before we hand it over to you, so we can always reset your site should you need us to.



Why does this matter?

Sometimes, things go wrong. If they do, you need to be able to reset and try again.


  • Making changes to your site can be nerve-wracking.
  • What if you mess something up?
  • What if you break your site as a whole?
  • You’d lose out on business with a site that doesn’t work.

Save Your Work

  • Of course, you want to save your changes.
  • What if you save the wrong thing, though?
  • Your site would be irreparably broken.

What do we do?

We take a “snapshot” of your website on the day we hand it over to you, as well as backing up your site hourly.

Try Again

  • You can always start again based on that copy.
  • We’ll reset your site to that version if you need us to.

Back Up

  • We back up your website hourly, at server level.
  • That way, if the unthinkable were to happen, crises are averted.
  • We’ll be able to recover an up-to-date version of your website.


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