All the data you need, at your fingertips, ensuring that you know exactly how well your site is working.




Monitor your websites traffic and see what content is working best for you.

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Data equals power.

Being able to track how many visitors your website gets is a great metric. You can see the progress you have made since starting out and figure out what changes you need to make to increase traffic and create more conversions.

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Why does this matter?

You need to know how well your website’s working for you. If you can’t see that, you can’t improve it.

How Are You Doing?

  • You need to know how busy your website is.
  • You’ll want to know if visitor trends are increasing or decreasing.
  • You need to know your busiest periods each day.

Need to Know Basis

  • With this info, you can work out when to post blogs and when to shout about your site on social media.
  • You’ll know which bits of your site are working and which aren’t.
  • When you know that, you can make the right changes accordingly.

What do we do?

We provide you with an instantly-accessible website stats package, broken down by Month, Day and Hour.


  • This package is packed full of data.
  • Our stats are enough for most business owners.

Need More?

  • We design every website to integrate with Google Analytics.
  • We give you access to this valuable tool with every website.

Add Google Analytics

  • Create an account. Google walk you through it and it’s super easy.
  • Find your tracking ID or Measurement ID and add it to GA.
  • We add all necessary code to all web pages of your site.
  • You’re ready! Track your full analytics data inside your GA account.


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All the data you need, at your fingertips, ensuring that you know exactly how well your site is working.


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