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What We Can Do



Domain Management

If you already own a domain name and email, we will help you move to us and ensure the transition is quick and smooth. When it is under our control we will fully manage it, but register it in your name, so it is always your business asset. If you ever decide to leave us, we will not hold on to it nor charge you fees to release it.  It is yours and you can do what you like with it.

We will continually renew your domain name for you and manage all the technical DNS. We'll also connect your website, your domain name and email, and give you powerful tools, that are simple to use, so you can do as much or as little yourself.



Cloud Hosting

The website and emails you create with us will be hosted on enterprise grade cloud server technology.  It’s all included as part of your monthly subscription. This infrastructure is superfast, unbelievably reliable, continually updated and almost infinitely scale-able.

We don’t cram in thousands of websites on old, out-of-date hardware like some website providers and leave the best technology for ourselves. We use the same equipment as you. All of our company systems, technology, websites and email servers run on the same cloud server infrastructure as your website.

We operate a server infrastructure that is backed up regularly and managed 24/7, 365 days a year.  We replicate all our systems across multiple servers and have state of the art security and firewalls.  We run regular disaster recovery drills to pre-emptively predict and protect potential hacking and denial of service attacks. Rest assured, that whatever happens in the world, your website is safe.



GDPR Compliance

Your website will always be fully GDPR compliant. We give you a privacy policy template which you can customise for your business and attach to your website.  We attach legal consent boxes at the bottom of all email collection forms and create links from the consent boxes to your privacy policy as required by law. Only those clients who request it are added to your mailing list.

Even if legislation changes, you can be sure that we are always head of developments, and will alter your privacy policies and consent forms accordingly.




Your website will come with our full professional email service. Our email service is truly unlimited and comes with your own mailboxes. You can setup and allocate new mail addresses and passwords in seconds. You also get the best spam and virus filtering that will make managing your emails simple and easy.

There's a lot of malicious activity on the wide web, but you'll have our full protection. Each time anyone fills out a form on your website, site we step in. We shield you from spam, and send the email to your preferred email address and hold a copy in your control panel.

In addition, if your visitors provide consent we generate mailing lists so you can create newsletters and bulk-mail literature. So you can make your marketing efforts truly focused and effective.



SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate signifies that your website is authentic, and safe for people to visit. Most commonly used on e-commerce sites, SSL encryption will prevent hackers and malicious parties from stealing any private information such as credit cards, names and addresses. Naturally, if someone is shopping on your website, it makes a real difference if you have an SLL certificate. Which is why Google will rate your site as insecure if you don't have one.

At DotGO we handle all the authentication and management that goes into acquiring a SSL certificate, so you don't have to. Every site that we design and manage comes with SSL certification, to give your visitors complete peace of mind.



Technical Support

Whether it’s a quick call of reassurance, a fast webchat when you are on the move, or a deeper conversation about your site, we are always here when you need us. We provide 1:1 telephone support and a vast array of guides, videos and documentation to help you get the most from your website.

Unlike many larger companies who will pass you around, you will always deal with one person, and one person only – and they will always give you fast, effective support as and when you need it. Even on Christmas day, you can expect a responsive and speedy service from us!




What You Can Do



Web Management Toolkit

Our easy to learn toolkit makes managing your website a breeze. Businesses change, as do websites, and we understand that you need to edit your site throughout the year. We have spent many years perfecting a special set of tools, to help you make changes however big or small. Whether you want to add a blog, create a custom form or generate a mailing list, you'll be able to do it effortlessly.

Sometimes you just need to make a quick change to your website. Opening up your management interface to find an editing screen that is instantly familiar feels re-assuring.

If you have ever used Microsoft Word you will be able to quickly edit your website with the DotGO toolkit. We created our tools for busy business people who just want something that works and is easy to navigate.

Of course, you can do a lot more with the website toolkit than simply edit text. It is so much more powerful than a basic text editor. But we don’t try and confuse you with new technology and radically different ways of doing things.



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is an extensive subject in itself which we could devote pages to – but trust us, we do everything we can to push your website up high in search engine rankings.

Simply put, SEO consists of the on-site and the off-site.

The website that we build for you will be fully optimised on-site for Google. We build you a Google/Bing sitemap and then resubmit this to Google and Bing every time we detect changes to your site. This tells Google what pages to re-crawl and which pages are the most important. Not just that, we'll also optimise your content, your images and your tags so it has the best chance of getting ranked highly.

We'll also provide you with the tools to help you optimise all your off-site content. You can connect your social channels, build a blog and we'll give you all the help you need to find backlinks and give your website authority.



Social Media Tools

We make it easy to link your website with all your social media channels including Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram. You can create compelling posts on your Facebook business page instantly from your website and connect your social followers to your website. If you want to add a feed from your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page onto your website we can show you how. If you using any new, third party tools or plug-ins, your designer will help you to connect everything seamlessly.



Email Collection

As your business grows and you interact with more and more clients, you will collect email addresses. These email addresses are an important business asset, but so many busy business owners just don’t have time to keep up to date.

We help you to maintain an email mailing list inside your website control panel. You can use this mailing list to send out newsletters about offers, new products or updates that your customers might be interested about. Just click one button and we change this into a formatted list that you can paste into any mail client (such as Outlook) or any mail service like Gmail or Yahoo.




It’s really important to know how well your website is performing. So your website comes with free statistical tools. These statistics will give you a detailed, up to date report on hits, visitors, timings as well as your most popular pages.

If you desire more data, you may want to consider using the very powerful Google analytics tools. Google analytics will help you to identify the routes your visitors take, how long they stay on each page, what search terms they used to find you, the pages that are under performing and much, much more.

Tracking your site will help you to create better content, improve visitor experience and help you to develop the best website for your business.



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