Build the webpage advert used in the Google listings As you build your business website, the DotGO sitebuilder tool allows you to define the Google advert displayed in their listings.

Optimise webpages

There are many factors that Google uses to rank, index and display your website. We integrate many of these factors into the website building process.  Google reads ‘meta-data’ to summarise your pages.  With our system you can update the meta data for every page easily. Google can’t see images the same way as you.  You have to describe each image so it can understand what you do.  We make this simple, each time you add an image to one of your webpages you simply update the description for Google. If you forget or haven’t the time, we’ll make our best guess, make some assumptions and do it for you.

Of course, if you opt for affordable website design, and ask us to build a business website then we will setup this for you.

We show you how to appear in the local Google map searches

Video that explains how to build a business website to appear on Google local maps search Watch this video (amongst many others) that show you how to appear on the Google local search map