I took this picture as a nod to the Queen's birthday this weekend. I wanted to celebrate Lizzie's birthday in the only way I know how, through my working from home pictures. I put on my partner's dress, grabbed her makeup and posed but I really felt that something was missing and found this beautiful tiara. 

As I said in a previous post, in my household there are no girl things and boy things. If my kids want something that is considered 'girly' then so be it. Who am I to enforce what they should like and what they shouldn't? So last year, my son really wanted a princess cake so that is absolutely what he got! 


Behind the scene

Double meme. Yas Queen and the old lady saying 'Is that man wearing a dress?'. I think I produced this picture in about 20 minutes because today has been an immensly busy work day so I really didn't have time to do anything crazy. I was very tempted by trying out the makeup but I knew my partner wouldn't be pleased that I played around with that, especially because I don't know what I'm doing! 

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