Three years ago I proposed to fiancé and we ended finding the perfect venue in just a couple of weeks. We were wanting to wait until we got pregnant and gave birth to our second child before we tied the knot so we patiently waited. We have been so excited to finally be able to get married and share this moment with our friends and family but the Corona Virus came and swept us all from our feet and have had this cloud of uncertainty looming over our heads each and every day. We had obviously postponed the wedding to the end of August in hope that the country will come to a resolutions to this pandemic by then but I know we're a little too hopeful but sometimes hope is all we need. I know there are problems infinitely worse than a postponed wedding so I shan't complain.

Behind the scene

I put up a little pin board with 'Ibrahim Wedding 15 May 2020 to be continued #Corona', on the monitor behind me is a picture of the venue itself where we should have been standing. I should probably mention a couple of points here. Firstly, my gorgeous fiancé isn't wearing a wedding dress (just a white top) and I am certainly not wearing my wedding suit. As a matter of fact, I've lost so much weight last year that none of my shirts or any smart-wear that actually fit. Both the waistcoat and shirt are pinned back at certain parts to make it look like it kind of fits but hey - I had to make do with what I had!

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