A good cuppa can help with most issues. Upset? Have a tea and a chat. Cold? Have a tea. Got a nice slice of cake or some biscuits left in the cupboard? Have a cuppa! 

Making a good cup of tea is so specific to everyone. It's only since I've turned 30 have I learned that Americans don't use electric kettles like we do here in the UK.. Odd right? I think this picture came about because I saw that video circulating social media about the lady and daughter making the worlds worst tea and she started by microwaving water in a mug which makes sense since they're missing out on the kettle but what happens next is revolting but I'll leave that to you to find and watch yourself.

Behind the scene

I brought up almost every single mug that we have in our house. Yes I know that I've got so many different styles of mugs and yeah, it really bothers me but I'll sort it out over the coming months (hopefully). 

For this picture, I put a teabag in my mouth. I don't know if anyone has ever done that but PLEASE don't. It's vile. I knew it wouldn't be great but I didn't know just how bad it would taste.

Also, can we quickly appreciate the Father Ted meme in the back with Mrs Doyle? That was a staple in my household! Ahhhhh go on, go on, go on, go on..

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