Working from home day 28. My son is always asking if he can join in on my working from home pictures and I thought - why not! He loves taking part and we worked on some different ideas together. 

Behind the scene

This one actually took me a while to do. A lot of time was spent doing it because I had to balance my tripod on my bed (not a problem usually but with a 5 year old walking around, it's worrying) to give it that CCTV angle.

I then set up the scene which is just me robbing my son of his jewels. I had an old beanie hat laying around so I cut some eye holes in the hat to make a mask, dressed the part then it came down to Photoshop. 

On Photoshop, I changed the colour of the picture to make it black and white but added a hint of green in there as some of the old school CCTV cameras tend to have (back in the days of CRT monitors of course). 

I then added lots of grain and the text. The date at the bottom left is today's date and the time at the top left is actually my new, postponed wedding date (assuming Corona is done by then).

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