Working from home day 34. Since lockdown began everyone has been coming forward and showing social media their new hobbies. These pictures have been mine and one of the things I've been doing with this glorious weather is tending to my plants and lawn. Since I'm losing my hair and gone for the full Quarantine Cut (see my past post) I've always joked and longed for a magical Miracle-Gro style chemical one could put on their balding heads and hair would instantly grow from. Because of the two reasons, I thought I'd mix them together. I look alright with hair, don't it? If I could grow grass on my head to cover up my balding, I think I could pull it off quite well. I shower every day so that's the watering taken care of, right?

Behind the scene

I only ended up using a few small props for this picture and added the hair on Photoshop. Trying to find some grass that would be a good style was strangely difficult but I'm relatively happy with how it came out. 

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