Working from home day 33. I was originally going to go down a lot more of a tech-y vibe but I really wasn't feeling well today and I was so close to not putting something up because I've felt genuinely poorly but at the last minute, I had to do something. I didn't want to let my team down, nor myself.

Behind the scene

Every picture I put up from this series, I add a little meme on my computer monitor not only to prevent showing data I shouldn't but also to add little Easter eggs so something funny to the picture. So this is being the meme generator for my other images.

To be clear, only 4 of those 8 devices actually work. My work laptop, my partner's work laptop, my son's iPad and my partner's personal laptop. That's it. All the others are broken in some way and I'm waiting to get out of the lockdown to dispose of them appropriately.

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