The sun is out now and you know what that means? BBQ time! It's not like we can invite people over or anything so a good lockdown BBQ will still do nicely. Please do not light an actual BBQ indoors as it's extremely dangerous! This wasn't lit, I had some LED lighting underneath the food and a coloured gel so it's completely safe. 

Quick show of hands.. when we all did our first lockdown food shop, who ate all their lockdown food within the first couple of days? Just me? Damn it. The temptation is there and my belly has been growing because of it but I'll be good (after my rum and snacks). I had a few burger buns left over from a previous BBQ that I did so used that but the real problem I had is that my bedroom stunk because of this BBQ. Even though it wasn't lit, my room carried the smell for hours and it's not something my partner was best please about either. Sorry!

Behind the scene

I didn't have many BBQ items leftover but I used what I could find. The burger you see is Photoshopped in and I used LED lighting underneath to give it heated look. Quite a simple setup but it doesn't always need to be a big deal.

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