Instead of creating a post that is silly and lighthearted today, I honestly couldn't. Although a few days ago I heard about what happened to George Floyd, I refused to watch because I've seen this kind of thing happen too many times already and each time, I wept in disbelief. However, before work started I decided to watch the video that everyone has been watching. I sat there and genuinely wept as this poor man struggled to breath whilst someone who's job it is to protect and serve, slowly did what he did. I'm not going to get extremely into it but I'm a foreigner with a tan who grew up with people making comments and jokes, especially when Brexit was voted for so I get discrimination in the small way I know.

This picture is for George Floyd and all the other people in the world that face discrimination even in the smallest ways because in this day and age, we should all be treated as equals. As Human Beings.

Behind the scene

No special set up. Just an Amercian 'Freedom' tshirt and a Black Lives Matter logo.

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