What do you call a poorly constructed skate ramp? A half-assed pipe.

I used to skateboard when I was younger and I've never been good and I've barely been to ollie (jump) which is the simplest trick if you could even call it that but I've always enjoyed it and enjoyed hanging out with friends and keeping active and this skateboard is the same board I've had since I was about 14 and it was one that I built myself from RouteOne or some other known brand. Now the sun is out again, I thought that this year, I'd jump back on and give it a try... I still can't ollie.

Behind the scene

I didn't really attempt a kickflip in my own house. That'd be seriously bad news. Instead, I photographed myself jumping up as though I was doing a trick. After this, I held up the skateboard in different angles and Photoshopped myself out. I of course played around with the Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 game too. I added my face over Tony Hawks and added my name in the list below too!

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