I'm a father, I have to use puns every now and then so I maintain my dad street cred so I thought I'd share the love. I was thinking recently about how when I’m working from home during this pandemic I often right some myself some notes about chores that I need to do when I finish work. As you may have seen from some of my daily working from home pictures, I’ve got myself a new wardrobe and some of the clothes I had to put it into the wardrobe but I needed to iron them so I thought I’d make a picture out of it.

Behind the scene

It didn't come out as clear as I had hoped but I thought I'd make it look as though I was ironing my legs by cutting out my legs. I took two different shots; one holding up the trousers to my waist and over the ironing board and another where I wasn't in the scene at all so that I can merge the two together. 

Naturally I had to put an Iron Man meme on the screen too!

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