This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Something that is incredibly close to my heart and something I actively support so this week's set of pictures relate to things that help me when I need it.


When the kids are in bed and my partner is at work, the thing I love to do to completely switch off my brain and play computer games. I'm quite weird in that I really like completing games and try to obtain all the trophies that Playstation has on that particular game. My current game is Crash Bandicoot: Crash Team Racing. A game that looks as though it's for the younger generation but is so difficult!

Behind the scene

This picture took virtually no editing but it did take a lot of physical effort. I carried my TV from my lounge to my bedroom.. which is two floors up as my room is a loft room. Two flights of stairs.. two! Then of course setting up the PS4 too. I was playing around with different camera positions but before I took the shot, I had a plan in mind to make a silhouette of me playing against the TV and make the TV look feel enveloping. I propped up the TV on the two bedside tables that I have in my room and to get a slight glow around me and increase my silhouette, I had some an LED camera light held in front of me covered in a blue gel.  

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