Working from home day 27. Today I awoke without a plan for today's picture. I went downstairs for breakfast turned on the radio and I hear that Donald Trump pretty much said that drinking disinfectant could help with COVID-19.... disinfectant?! Even my 5 year old knows has known not to touch the chemicals around the house for the last couple years. I'm not going to make this post too political but hey, it's important to poke fun a little from time to time. 

Behind the scene

I brought up some cleaning products from the kitchen, and placed a Trump picture on the side of the box under the desk. I wore a red cap and changed the writing on there to read 'Make 'Murica Clean Again' and Photoshopped some spray out of the Detol spray. Nothing dramatic of course. 

The class in my hand indeed has a cleaning liquid in there so I had to be careful to not actually let that touch my lips, though I did get close at times. 

Oh and if you look close enough, I gave Trump a little bottle of Detol on his podium.

I do not recommend copying this in any way because it was silly to actually have real cleaning products in the glass.

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