The rules are that we can't even ride motorcycles socially or even on our own, so I'll be a good boy and get comfy and let my imagination run with me.. must admit, I'm not sure if anyone can hear me properly through my headset!

Safety is such an important aspect of riding motorcycles. There are so many people out there that love to ride in a t-shirt or jogging bottoms or even shorts sometimes but I'm far from that kind of person. On a motorcycle you can never be too sure just as if you were in a car. Even professionals have falls or incidences that are caused by others and regardless of weather, I will always don all my leathers no matter what. 

Behind the scene

I was just going to put the helmet on only but I thought I'd go the distance and wear it all. My God does that get hot quickly. By the time I had finished with the picture, all the windows had to be opened wide.

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