There have been a few customers recently that asked why I so happy and calm. This picture shows why.
Okay, I'm kidding, I don't really have a bath in my bedroom/working area but I may as well have sometimes. 

I really love what I do (working with websites and speaking to customers, not just making these pictures and having baths) and I'd like to think that's reflected in my conversations I have with my customers.

Behind the scene

Here's some shocking news.. the bath has been Photoshopped in. I quite literally ran a big bubble bath and set up my camera and lighting at an appropriate distance away and kept all electricals well away and covered. I set up the tripod at a certain height and distance away from the bath and when setting up the camera in my working area, I kept that same height and distance from where I pretended the bath to be so that it doesn't look odd with different angles etc. I also set up the lighting a similar way in that room too.

My son ran off with the bath toys the previous night and I didn't want to waste time looking for them so I edited a couple of rubber duckies in the picture too.

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