I was speaking to a customer about how we like to write blogs for our website not only for SEO reasons but to help our customers too. I told this customer about my Working From Home blog photo-series and she gave me this idea! So thank you Tracey for helping. I usually take these photos during my lunch break so I'm already on a time limit but considering the temperature it is today, I have to do it in even less time because of the actual ice cubes I have around my neck. 

Behind the scene

For this photograph, I edited in a few rubbish tattoos such as a tear drop beneath the eye (which I was supposed to put it upside down for silliness but I forgot!), 'Insert tribal tattoo here' and 'Thug Life'. 

I am not the most frequent user of Reddit but the channels I tend to follow always make fun about how people make most memes with Memeatic and they know this with the small watermark of this name on every picture so I thought I'd add in the tattoo of that around my neck too.

The necklace isn't, for the most part) edited. I actually did use a drill to make holes in the ice cubes and then thread the string through each one but the problem behind this is that once I make a hole, I had to throw it back in the freezer until I had to take the photograph.

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