Since lockdown started, I must have been to the shops 3 times but every time we need to do a food shop, my partner is the one that goes so I can stay home and spend time with the kids as I'm still working (obviously). I've recognised my mood and feelings go through highs and lows but now I'm kind of use to it! I do really miss seeing certain people, in particular my Godson so this picture was taken for that reason. I miss outside, travel and people. 

With the obvious horrible nature of the pandemic aside, I have noticed some strong positives come through for my situation. I have been saving really well because there is no coffee shop stops when doing shopping with the family or lunch breaks with the family when at softplay or whatever or even going to children's parties every single minute of my spare time! Instead. I've put the money towards decorating my home with things like a wardrobe or a new bed and little boring things like that.

Behind the scene

I used no lighting, no other kit that may help but instead it was the camera on a tripod, using available light and obviously I added a meme onto my watch of Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars) saying "I'm Trapped" in relation to how I look.. and yes, I know the correct term is "It's a trap!" but it wouldn't quite work the same.

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