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Silver Fern Dental trustpilot review

Made the transfer easy. I had been holding off changing my dilapidated old and clunky website as I was worried about transferring all my Google history onto a new site. But I was really starting to get a dose of “website envy” whenever I viewed a competitor’s site. I shouldn't have worried. Fabio, Annabel and Jasmine held my hand throughout the initial process of buying my site (and their services), designing my new website and then deciding on the content. It was much more like digital-therapy than web design. They walked me through the process of transferring my domain name from its original provider to my new swanky DotGo pages. They sorted out the initial hiccups with the email transfer from my domain as well. I have been extremely happy with my experiences with DotGo, especially with Jasmine the Designer who was very kind and patient. Now, I really feel that I have a “shop-front” I can be proud of !!

Peter Silver Fern Dental

Silver Fern Dental trustpilot response

Hi Peter, Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful review of the team and your website (! So thrilled you liked the final design, it was a real pleasure to work with you on this. Wishing you all the best, Jasmine Digital Designer

DotGO website designer Jasmine
Jasmine DotGo Designer

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