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SLi Recruitment trustpilot review

My first thoughts about getting a website made were quite daunting due to knowing nothing about websites and not being especially IT literate, but from the second I started using Dotgo, I realised this was going to be an excellent and easy process.

John was my website designer and there is nothing John will not do to make sure your experience with Dotgo is second to none! Let alone did he do everything to make the website look good, help fill it with content and take me through every single step, he also used his own time to help create my logo (and did I mention he created 3 email addresses for my business!)

Any time I have any questions, they are answered immediately because John and Martin have always got back to me extremely quickly at all times!

Taking into account the price, level of service, incredible website design and excellent attitudes of everyone at Dotgo, it would be ridiculous to go anywhere else!

Samuel SLi Recruitment

SLi Recruitment trustpilot response

Hi Sam That's one amazing review, and to that I can only offer you deep gratitude on behalf of myself and the rest of the DotGO Team. I'm very happy you've had such a good experience with us so far, and we look forward to a long(hopefully) and fruitful relationship. We'll always have your back. Kind regards, John

DotGO website designer John
John DotGo Designer

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