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Professional Emails

Having a successful online business presence is about more than just having a professionally built website. Your customers will expect to contact you easily on a professional email address that uses the same domain name as your website.

A professional email address – not a free address such as Yahoo or Gmail – precipitates an integrated marketing experience and reassures customers that they are dealing with a respected company. While third party companies will charge you an extra monthly fee for setting up a professional email, DotGO provides its email service as part of your existing package.

Along with supplying a professional email address, we enable you to add an email prefix of your choice. Whether you just need a single point of contact for your customers or multiple emails for an entire office, you can make these adjustments effortlessly and for a nominal fee.


Simple Redirection

DotGO ensures that you never miss an email by forwarding business emails to your personal address with ease. Any professional businesses will want email replies to show their professional forwarding address instead of your “real address”, and we make this process as simple as possible.

You can set up your reply address whenever you want. If your real email address was but was using a forwarding address of, you would want your email reply to show the latter address. By doing this, when people reply to you and save you to their address book, they would be using your forwarding email address.



Set Up On Any Device

Set up your professional email on iPhone, iPad, Android or Outlook to enjoy constant access to your customers – any time, any place. Take a look at our simple step-by-step guide for setting up on your device.


1. Activate Pro Mail and delete your old Mailbox if you have one

2. Go to “Settings” and choose “Mail”

3. Select the option that reads “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and tap on the first option to create a new account

4. Among the options for adding your custom mailbox – such as Aol, Yahoo!, etc. – choose “Other”, allowing us to use our own settings

5. Create your new mail account by adding your basic details

6. Follow the following four steps:

a) Choose the POP option at the top of the page

b) Add “Incoming Mail Server Details”

c) Add exactly the same details for your “Outgoing Mail Server”

d) Click the “Save” button at the top right corner

7. At this point, all Apple devices will activate a security setting. This is because your device may try to connect with the SSL security and your server will reject the attempt. If you get this warning, click “Yes” and the SSL option will be removed.


That’s it! Just click the mail icon on your device and the new account that you just created will be displayed.




Still Have Questions?

Here are some of the questions we get asked the most in regards to Emails. If you still have questions why not give us a call? 

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