Offer Incentive

When it comes to inviting customers to join your mailing list, you only have their attention for a very brief moment – a few milliseconds – so you have to send a message that immediately grabs their attention. The best way to do this, of course, is through clearly spelling out how the customer would benefit from subscribing. This could entail something like offering a giveaway, enticing customers with the promise of exclusive deals, industry news, or a discount code. Make sure the message is delivered in totally unambiguous terms by using simple and compelling language. In the words of David Brent: get their attention.

Smart Guest Checkout

Nobody likes being asked to create an account as they enter the checkout process. 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned – 83% on mobile – and the need for registration, in the interest of being added to the mailing list, is probably responsible for a large portion of these abandoned carts. So, instead, why not provide your customers with an option to checkout as a guest, under the pretty acceptable condition that they submit their email address. This takes no time, especially if the address has been memorised by their smartphone or computer. The whole process takes a couple of seconds.

In this way, customers have a streamlined, uninterrupted checkout and your mailing list grows at the same time. Everybody wins!

Streamlined Popups

Ecommerce website designs will often present their customers with compelling popups, promising discounts or deals, when a first-time visitor is about to exit your shop. Given that a visitor who has been lost before making their first purchase can be hard to retrieve, it makes sense to have a timely popup present itself, offering a discount of some kind for first-timers. Just as importantly, though, the popup design needs to cohere with your wider ecommerce website design. They must look streamlined, like a natural and inviting extension of your online shop. After all, nobody likes a clunky, incongruous popup showing up out of nowhere.

Don’t Bombard Customers

So, these popups and offers need to offer clear incentive and, of course, look good. One must also always remember that too many popups, as well as too few, can have a negative impact. Customers don’t want to feel as if they are being bombarded, but you don’t want customers to miss out on seeing your latest promo and invitation to join their mailing list.

Like with many things, then, there is a fine line to be struck here. The trick is to have many different methods of inviting customers to give their email address without distracting them from the wider shopping experience itself. “Join My Mailing List!” shouldn’t be front and centre, but it has to be there.

Make Use of Calls to Action

Instead of giving your customers constant popups, potentially detracting from the overall ecommerce website design experience, online shops ought to realise the full potential of calls to action. They serve as a remarkably prolific way of inviting customers to engage with your shop. Calls to action, when done carefully, can be dotted all around your website – in the header and footer, underneath product descriptions, or perhaps as part of your introduction. With DotGO’s ecommerce website design system, you can create dynamic calls to action that easily allow customers to enter their email address and other information if necessary.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

One of the most sure-fire ways of getting customers to provide an email address is the promise of receiving something of value for nothing. This is an offer that people will gladly take advantage of, so make sure that you place your latest offer – whether it is a contest or giveaway – in a place on your ecommerce website design that people cannot miss. Contests or giveaways can be particularly value for a nascent shop which has a small list of subscribers and not too much traffic. 

Improve Your Shop

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