Keep it Simple

What is the point of an email to a customer, or a potential customer? Put simply, you want to communicate something to them that, in turn, encourages them to interact with your business. That initial communication, therefore, has to be as unambiguous as possible. The message has to be delivered with optimal clarity. If the customer is unsure of what you are about or what you are offering them, you will lose their attention rather quickly.

In other words, be careful about information overload. You may care deeply about all the great features on your ecommerce website design, but the customer does not share this feeling. Frankly, they don’t care much about your business – until, of course, they are presented with a clear and obvious reason to start caring and engaging.

Mirror Your Ecommerce Website Design

Complementary and contrasting colours serve as a great way to draw attention to the most crucial aspects of you email. You should always look to do this. More importantly, though, your email has to be perfectly reflective of your brand. Once you know your logo, colour palette, layout, fonts, and so on, ensure that the design of your email follows the same tone. Doing this ensures that your website looks professional, along with guaranteeing that subscribers recognize and remember you, as well as serving as a tantalising extension of your ecommerce website design.

Start Bold

Just like an article, the headline of your email – the subject and the first line of the text – serves as the most important part of the whole thing. Loose the customer at the very start and, well, you’re never getting them back. That is why your introduction needs to only include simple, compelling text that naturally gets people to probe further. You could, perhaps, start with a famous saying or catchphrase. If your customer base is generally of the younger generation, you could utilise those darkest of dark arts – the meme.

As ever, though, tone is important with these things. The copy cannot look out of place. And trying too hard can often lead to exactly that. A safe bet is to include the words ‘Introducing’ or ‘Announcing’ in your subject line – this gives off the impression of imminence, which in turn creates urgency in the mind of the customer, making them more disposed towards engaging with your email.

Calls to Action

Your ecommerce website design is most likely jam-packed with calls to action, preferably included within clickable buttons and made visible by compelling colours. And your emails, believe it or not, must be exactly the same. You cannot just wax lyrical about what you do. This is not enough to engage people. The customer needs to be exhorted to action with questions such as “Are you looking for 100% eco-friendly shoes at an affordable price?” or statements such as “Checkout this brilliant new product now!” You don’t want to overdo these, of course, but failing to provide proper calls to action means that you are missing out.

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