Splash Pages

Of course, there are many things that are more important than a splash page when you first start up your ecommerce website. Setting up payments, shipping rules, product pages and so on must come first, but once you have ticked off these aspects, start thinking about your ideal splash page.

“But what is a splash page?” I hear you ask. Well, splash pages are the introductory screen that takes up the whole of the home page when you first enter a website. Think of splash pages as like a dress curtain: they are not the home page itself, but rather an attractive screen with an icon that, when clicked, takes you to the home page content.

With DotGO, you can upload a video that will be muted, looped and autoplayed when someone lands on your website – just make sure that they are always in .mp4 format aren’t too big, otherwise the user will encounter loading problems. And by using our styling and editing tools in the splash page editor’s inbuilt textbox, you can create a truly sensational splash page – one containing an attractive video and some text that captures the essence of your business, enticing users to delve further into your website.


Slugs may seem like a weird choice when it comes to wowing customers with a professional website design. This is because slugs, as you may not know, are the text on the end of a URL that distinguishes to Google what exactly a particular page is about. They are essentially there to help with Google’s search engine ranking process. But why would a customer care about slugs?

Well, I’m glad you asked, reader. Imagine going into Google’s search engine and typing in “women’s red shoes”. You will see a number of results. The top ones, reserved for the Amazons and Debenhams of this world, will always have slugs that have been carefully thought about – something like: court-shoes-red-women.

This is a pretty self-explanatory slug to have. But you will be surprised at the number of ecommerce websites whose item uploading process automates the slugs, meaning that many item results will produce weird slugs that are essentially a combination of numbers and letters. With DotGO’s system, however, you can choose the exact slug for every item, group, category, blog, blog post and deep page that you create. In other words, when someone is looking for red shoes, your result on the search engine results page will look a lot more appealing than an automated slug.

It may not seem like a big thing, but it leaves a considerable impact on customer trust. Just remember to never change slugs after you have set them.

Use Variants

Okay, I can already hear you asking. Variants are when you display different versions of the same item to customers. For instance, as a clothes shop, I may sell a pair of shoes. And that pair of shoes may come in different sizes, from size six to 10 to 12, and so on. These are what we call variants, and if you sell clothes, consumables, designs or any other item that is likely to have nuances, using variants are absolutely key.

You can have three different variant options. So, as a clothes shop, you may choose size, colour and material, for example, and each of these options can have 20 different variants. And with the first variant option you set, the most important one, you can give each variant a custom image, a unique price, and manage its stock level. Having these options gives users a much more detailed experience when they view your items.

Category Collections

Category collections are only possible if you have a large number of items and groups and have an understanding of categories and how they can be used to create different departments of your website. A major clothes website may have categories such as “Boys”, “Girls”, “Unisex”, “Shoes”, etc. And with the category collections tool, you can bunch up these categories and, by using the styling options, create a highly attractive shop window that you can plug directly into your home page. This creates a really accessible one-stop section where users can view all of the different aspects of your website and get to the items they are looking for in less time.


Improve Your Shop

Are you a small business owner who doesn't like their current online shop? Do you want to upgrade your current website to an online shop, but don't know where to start? If so, DotGO has you covered. 

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Our brilliant team of designers and writers work closely with you to determine the precise needs of your business, keeping you in the loop throughout and producing a stunning bespoke website design that works for your business. 

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