1. Stock Variants

Every ecommerce website has items. And most ecommerce websites have item variants – or, in other words, different versions of the same item. You may have an item titled “Red Dress” and have it available in size six, eight, 10, and so on. These different sizes would be the variants in this case.

This is a valuable level of detail already, but DotGO’s system goes even further. Each variant is not just available for purchase; you can also give each variant a unique price, its own item image, and update its stock level. In this way, every variant of your item has its own character and specifications and, as a result, greater marketability.

2. Item Layout

Item pages are the lifeblood of your website. There is plenty of wisdom out there when it comes to item images and descriptions, but what about the structure of the item page itself? Is this something you’ve considered? With DotGO’s system, you can use the item layout page to configure a particular layout that suits the nature of your items and wider website.

Some websites, like shops selling equipment or parts, may want a smaller image and place larger emphasis on the item specifications. The item layout section allows you to do this, shifting emphasis on the text and making the images smaller. You may well want the reverse: big focus on the item image and text either coming underneath or appearing in smaller print on the right-hand side. Whatever the nature of your website, there is an item layout that works for you.

3. Item Types and Tags

If you own a relatively large ecommerce website, you need methods for clearly marking out different areas of your shop in a way that makes sense to you. Doing this helps you build groups and, more generally, have a stronger understanding of every item and its characteristics.  This is where item types and tags become extremely useful.

Item types are simply basic ways of describing your item. You may have a red dress, a silk dress, a ball gown, but they all fall under the item type of “Dresses”. Just ask yourself: what is my item? The answer is your item type. This may seem overly simple, but when you have a big website with all kinds of items, it serves as a very useful way of creating logical groups.

And you can take this a step further with tags. While item types describe the item directly, tags serve as a piece of additional information about an item. So, for instance, a ball gown could be applied with a tag titled “Expensive Dresses”, or maybe “Best Seller” (if it was a best seller). Another one could be “Going Out of Stock”. Tags and item types, then, are more for you, the website owner, than the visitor, but they are crucial for creating useful groups that users love.

4. Multiple Payment Gateways

Every ecommerce website has a payment gateway, enabling customers to pay for items with debit or credit cards. With DotGO, integrating your website with Stripe, a trusted payment gateway, is remarkably easy. But it doesn’t stop there. Our system also allows customers to process payments from PayPal accounts, meaning that every purchase is greeted with two different options for payment. This makes you look more professional and secure and also means that customers, if their PayPal account is already connected to their device, can pay for your items much faster.

5. Item Bulk Discount

You can apply a unique bulk discount to every item in your website, giving customers an additional incentive to make a purchase and increasing that precious feeling of personalisation. You are able to set all kinds of bulk discount, depending on your preferences. You may, for example, want to offer 15% off for orders of two items and 30% off for three or more items, or perhaps 50% off for two or more items.

You can apply bulk discounts on an item-by-item basis, writing a punchy message for each one that will sit underneath the item description. Doing this takes a bit of time and obviously has to make sense to you, the website owner, from a profit-driven perspective, but having this extra level of detail puts you ahead of your opponents.  

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