Use Popular Phrases

There is always a tendency among any new ecommerce website design to be unique, to stand apart from its competition when it comes to tone, style and, of course, the products themselves. But there are times when it can be very useful to swing the other way and rest on something that has worked, time and time again, over many years. And this notion applies to calls to action (CTAs).

For instance, a CTA containing the word “free” has always been a banker. Perhaps the CTA could be an invitation to enter a competition by joining a mailing list, creating often used idea of ‘getting something for nothing’. Alternatively, many ecommerce website designs go for ‘soft’ CTAs, using phrases like “learn more” or “take a look”. A friendly, invitational and non-committal wording can be a great way to get people to probe further into your website.

Create Urgency

Using the word “now” or “today” in CTAs – “get in contact today!” or “buy now!”, for instance – plays the same role as the phrases stated above, with the added benefit of creating something that runs through almost every piece of marketing: urgency.

There are many ways to create urgency in the mind of the customer, to give the idea that they need to complete the purchase NOW. One sure-fire way of doing this is through telling customers that the item is fast running out of stock. If you are running a sale, insert a countdown timer for when the sale ends. Showing recent purchases, or even current viewers, is another – albeit less practiced – method of creating urgency. Use your initiative here. Your products are great – but they become so much more tantalising when you create a sense of urgency around them.

Use the Right Colours and Shapes

Despite what some sources might tell you, there is no particular colour scheme or shaping that produces an optimal CTA. What really matters is that your CTAs align with your wider ecommerce website design, slotting in seamlessly and noticeably with other visual elements of the website. The right style varies from industry to industry, of course. The size, shape and colour must be just right – not too invasive, yet not too invisible either. This requires some trial and error. Keep playing around until you have found something that works nicely with your design and stands out to customers.

Optimise for Mobile

At some point, you would have come across an ecommerce website design on your mobile phone – or just any website – and struggled to tap the main CTA due to a failure to get the sizing just right. And given that more and more people are using mobiles – rather than desktops – for online shopping, it is crucial that you make this mobile experience as a seamless as possible. As a result, CTAs need to have the right dimensions, meaning that the main CTA goes perfectly along the bottom of the screen without any awkward overlaps. Beyond CTAs, though, optimising your ecommerce website design for mobile is absolutely fundamental.

Place CTAs Next to Important Information

Your product pages have to contain everything that matters most about your website, and your CTAs must therefore slot nicely alongside them. You have elements such as price, availability, variants (colour, size, quantity options), reviews and shipping. Your CTA has to be in close proximity to this information, as well as having a clickable link embedded in the button which takes you to checkout or maybe a particular deal. Don’t forget security badges either. All of this information placed next to a CTA makes the message much more compelling.

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