So you've already made a start at selling online. You've created a profile on a big marketplace such as eBay or Etsy. You've been selling items and shipping products, but what happens when you want take things to the next level?

Your very own ecommerce website design lets you expand into new directions, bring your own style and creativity to compliment your products. It lets you increase your sales and expand your brand, with a range of other benefits that can help evolve your business.

Your own unique website design

Your website design is your own. No more being stuck within the style boundaries of a marketplace. Some businesses need to showcase their items and let the products do the talking, while others want to create a more exclusive boutique feel. A beautiful website design needs to compliment your products and branding.

It's also worth keeping in mind that on your website, customers see only your products. No similar items from your competitors and no having to compete on pricing or take out an advert to list your items higher. Similarly, you are free to sell what you like and how you like. You can deal with returns in the way set out by your own terms rather than being decided by the platform. There's no risk of your selling privileges being revoked due to complaints.  


A big thing to bear in mind with your shop, is you have control over the items it sells. If you want to add new items, then you can. With your own ecommerce website there's no listing fees or commission to be paid, just a small payment gateway admin fee. You can list items for as long as you want, or create new ones at a moment's notice.


With your own website, you have the ability to communicate directly with your customers. This could be though mass email marketing, or interacting with your current visitors using online chat. Contact forms could be used for customers to ask more about a product or request a new variety. With your own website you could keep closer tabs on your loyal customers, even knowing who would normally buy what. This could give you an extra way to entice them perhaps by letting them know in advance of a new range, or sending out targeted promotions and discounts.  

There are many things to factor into how an affordable ecommerce website design could help expand your business and increase your sales. Our talented team are here to work with you to see how we could creating something beautiful and functional. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your ecommerce needs.


DotGO can build you a fully bespoke online store for your business using our amazing ecommerce system. 

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If you are looking for the right people to help you start building your online shop, stop searching. DotGO is the place for you. 

For over a decade, we have worked closely with countless small businesses all over the UK to help them create an E-commerce website design that makes them say "wow". 

We have an extremely fast, modern and reliable web design system replete with a number of brilliant features that make the process of managing your website simple and rewarding. Our fantastic team of designers and writers know exactly what it takes to help you build an online shop that is unique to what you do, giving your business the best possible platform from which to grow and thrive. 

Give your small business the stunning bespoke E-commerce web design that it deserves. Call DotGO today and we can start planning something special straight away.