Sign Off With Class

Whether you are an internet novice or a daily patron of online shops, one thing remains constant when buying products from ecommerce websites: the need to have complete trust in the quality and reliability of the business that they are buying from.

You have fantastic products, presented in a way that encourages people to click on them. Your descriptions are concise and compelling. The payment process is smooth, easy to follow. But what is left? How do you ensure that the whole process is watertight? Well, you need a powerful confirmation email.

We have all been there before. You just purchased something from an ecommerce store and you’re staring at your phone, waiting pensively for that confirmation email to come through. You start to worry about whether your money has disappeared into the ether. And then the email comes through, containing all the relevant information you need: price, quantity, order number, date of purchase, product description, instructions, and so forth. Relief!

This email marks the final stage of the customer’s shopping experience. And you want their final impression of your ecommerce website to be a brilliant one. You want that confirmation email to be highly professional, packed with information, beautiful to look at, and personalised to that particular product. DotGO’s amazing ecommerce website design system, and specifically its digital downloads area, enables you to do just that.

Give Emails a Unique Touch

Along with the usual information that you would expect to see in a confirmation email, such as the price and product guidelines, more and more small businesses are augmenting these emails with downloadable products or links. But why?

Put simply, adding digital products to individual items gives the user a more personalised experience when accessing your online shop. Not only does the customer have information about their order; they also receive a digital item that provides the order with supplementary content, inviting them to feel more engaged with the product that they have just purchased.

At DotGO, our ecommerce website design system allows you to insert a huge variety of digital products. You could potentially include a file – such as a PDF, Word document or video – that you have already uploaded to your server and which sits inside your library. Or perhaps you need to include an external link, such as an article or a Zoom meeting.

You have the power to attach a specific link to a specific item, meaning that any user who buys a certain product will receive a specialised digital product in their confirmation email. Alternatively, if you needed a link or file to be included in the confirmation email for every product you sell, our system allows you to do that as well. With DotGO, you have the power to create unique high-quality confirmation emails that put your business ahead of the competition.

Make Your Own Rules

So, you can use our ecommerce web design system to attach all manner of links or files to confirmation emails for particular products, but why should you care? Well, in a word, it would be freedom: freedom to choose what information your customers receive; freedom to mould your confirmation email in accordance with your precise demands. 

At DotGO, we push this even further with the ‘self-destruct’ rule in our ‘digital downloads’ section. This brilliant feature enables you to choose either a specific date or a countdown time for when a digital file or link becomes unavailable after purchase. The power at your fingertips is nothing short of tantalising.

For example, imagine you are a fashion retailer, and underneath a particular product you want to include a form that people must fill in to enter a competition for some free clothes. Perhaps you want this form to be accessible until the weekend. This is where the ‘self-destruct’ rule comes in: just enter the expiry date in the ‘digital downloads’ section. It couldn’t be easier.

Moreover, you may also wish to impose a shorter time constraint on a digital file or link. Maybe your fashion company wants to put on an exclusive offer – accessed by clicking on an external link in the confirmation email – for just 12 hours, after which the deal is no longer available. These examples serve to illustrate that, with just a few clicks in our ecommerce website design system, you can create a truly unique confirmation email that engages your customers further.

Speak Directly to Your Customer

There are some confirmation emails that are, shall we say, bare-boned. They normally contain only the immediately vital information about your purchase in a language and font that was seemingly produced by an algorithm. This type of email has the effect of distancing the customer from the company. It is as if your purchase, to that company, was just another piece of data.

As a small business owner, you want to properly connect with your customers. Having great products is often not enough; you must also communicate with visitors in a language that they understand. That is why our ecommerce website design system allows for you to include a customised text for each product that you sell. It may not seem like a massive thing, but when your customer opens the confirmation email and sees a specialised, neatly put together message above the digital item, the effect is considerable. The customer feels like you are speaking directly to them.

By using these great website design tools, you can easily transform your confirmation emails from bland afterthoughts to the perfect signoff. Don’t settle for average emails; take advantage of our brilliant software and start wowing your customers in no time.

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