Do you have an e-commerce website? Chances are you have sold products on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. If you haven’t thought about Pinterest, now’s the time. They are rolling out a number of tools to make it easier to set up shops, sell products and measure sales.

There’s no harm in having multiple platforms to sell your products. Pinterest is a great tool that lets you browse products from all over the world. However, like YouTube buying what you see is not very intuitive. The rollout of these tools should make selling products on your e-commerce website, much easier.

Customers can now discover merchants easier

When Pinterest users search for shopping related content such as jumpers, shoes or mugs, they will see recommendations from companies that sell those products. When users visit a Pinterest merchant profile they will be able to see a storefront with clickable links and products.

If users click on a shop tab they will see in-stock products, featured products and suggested products. This makes for a much improved customer shopping experience. A better customer experience equals more items sold.

You can now tag products

If you see your images on Pinterest you can now easily tag them with a new tool. Customers won’t have to go through the hassle of trying to identify a product from just a picture. This tool is currently still in testing, so it may not work perfectly.

You can now organise products

Pinterest is making it easier to catalogue products. You can upload your product feed, activate advertisements and add videos with just a few clicks of a button. New processes will make it easier to create product groups and combine these with multiple images.

If you would like to add video to these catalogues this is also possible. Pinterest says that merchants who have used these catalogue tools in advertisements have seen average basket sizes increase by around 6-18%.

You can now create automatic bidding

You can easily scale your sales with automatic bidding for your advertisements. You can maximise your advertising budget without needing to constantly check up on your buys. By dynamically adjusting your bids you will be able to quickly measure clicks and conversions.

You can now track conversions

Do you desire more information? Well you will be able to see how your customers are purchasing products with new analytical tools. All your data can be compiled into easy to read graphs which will give you the information you need, at a glance.

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