Remove Unnecessary Content

All online shops are built from a PC, as opposed to a tablet or phone, which means that while the content you wrote looks good on a big screen, no consideration has been given to how it looks from a mobile vantage point. Chances are, some of the wording will be blocked out of the frame or perhaps inserted somewhere it should be, which in turn makes your ecommerce website design look unprofessional. As a result, it would make sense to keep content at a premium and ensure that it fits nicely on all screens.

On a more basic level, however, the mobile user who is scrolling does not have time to read big chunks of text. Indeed, while someone on a PC may be casually scrolling, it is more likely that mobile users are searching for something specific. Any content that isn’t punchy and doesn’t speak directly to user interests, therefore, should be jettisoned immediately.

Make Navigation Simple

You must remember that, when it comes to mobile, the space to display your most important content is significantly smaller – just a few inches. If you have not optimised your ecommerce website design for mobile, it could mean that visitors do not see the most important information on your online shop. Ensuring that navigation is as simple as possible should therefore be a priority for any ecommerce website.

To do this, go back to basics. What absolutely must be shown on the header to every customer who visits your ecommerce website design? Your logo, of course, as well as a search icon and cart icon, meaning that customers can immediately start looking for products and adding/reviewing items in their basket. You may also want an icon for category navigation, which opens up a list of different sectors of your store (dresses, shoes, etc.)

You would benefit from including these icons, front and centre, on every single screen, thereby allowing users to quickly return to the main page and search for items regardless of where they were on your website. Like with many things, the best mobile optimised ecommerce website designs are ones that keep things simple.

Optimise Images

Regardless of whether you choose to optimise your ecommerce website design for mobile or not, optimising images is an absolute necessity. You may be thinking that, due to mobiles being smaller, your product images – presumably optimised for PC – will already be in a high-resolution. In fact, failure to optimise them for quality, ensuring that they are aligned with everything else in the frame, could well be the difference between making a sale or the customer clicking away.

Indeed, as many other people have said, images make or break your ecommerce website design. Optimising them to be high-resolution is not enough. Every image needs to be perfectly consistent with the other – on both mobile and PC. If a customer comes across one image that, for whatever reason, slants off to the left or doesn’t load properly, they will regard you as unprofessional, and promptly click away.

Streamline Checkout

Mobile users, compared to people on PC, are more likely to abandon their basket during checkout if the process is not made easy for them. Remember, after all, that Amazon and Apple set the standard with just one click – or one fingerprint – so if mobile users are faced with a number of steps, they are very likely to become disinterested. The process needs to be fast and easy.

“How do I do this?” I hear you ask. One crucial aspect is to avoid making users enter personal data more than once. So, if possible, find a way to get users to submit this information – including credit card information – before they reach the checkout. This would mean that they only need to include the security number before payment going through. Also ensure that customers can save their details – payment and address – for next time while also having an option save the basket for later.

By limiting the number of input fields and steps during checkout, thereby reducing the gap between adding to basket and final payment, the mobile version of your website looks so much more professional.

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