So, you’ve set up your website with DotGO and customers are starting to interact with you. You would have had some basic training but that, my friend, is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many ways to stay ahead of your competition – giveaways, increased personalisation, discounts, slick design, etc. – but perhaps the most effective way of standing out from the rest is by having a total understanding of how to make full use of the tools available in the editor… a knowledge that goes deep and covers every base.

Like with most things in life, the amount of success you get from your ecommerce website is directly proportional to the amount of effort you put into mastering how everything works. That's how you beat the competition - with pure knowledge. And with DotGO, we make it easy for you to develop a comprehensive knowledge of how to use our system through our support videos and support articles.

Support Videos

Since June 2020, we have added 47 support videos to our YouTube channel, taking the total number of videos to precisely 100. How satisfying is that? Exactly one hundred. Beautiful. Every one of those videos has been made for the same purpose: to show you, the website owner, how to do something on your website – in a step-by-step, easily consumable way. They are essentially “How Do I?” videos, covering every aspect of our editor system.

Don’t know how to add multiple items at once? We have a video that takes you through the whole process.

Not sure about what tags are? Oh, yes sir, there’s a video for that.

Want to plug a specific category of blog posts into one of your pages? Lemme check… oh, would you believe it – there’s a video for that as well!

As you go through our editor in general, your brain will likely produce a number of questions. What does a deep page mean? How do you create a group? What is a group? How do I delete every item apart from one in my shop? And thankfully, due to our 100-strong arsenal of support videos, there will be an answer to your question. That’s exactly why we made the videos: to provide very simple step-by-step guidance on how to manage whatever aspect of our system you need to manage.

Some parts of our editor may be scary to you at first. You may head into the 'Delivery' section, for example, and not know where to start. That is why, for the slightly bigger and more complex aspects of DotGO’s website design system, we have broken them down into a two-part, three-part or four-part video series, with each video of a short length and simply breaking down everything you need to know without overloading you with information.

With 'Delivery', for instance, the first video gives you a neat introduction to how delivery rules work; the second video runs you through how to create your own delivery rules; and the third video takes you through setting weight-based delivery rules. You feel a sense of progression when watching a series, and by the end, an area that seemed big and scary at first now feels easy. We have made a video series for the following areas of our system:

Support Articles

Don’t like the sound of my voice on those videos? Me too, to be honest. Me too. But don’t fear! Every support video on our YouTube page has its own corresponding support article, which serves as a perfect mirror of the video in condensed, step-by-step, written form. Just head into the support section and use the search bar to type in a keyword like "digital downloads" or "SEO" and you will be presented with all the support articles relating to that keyword.

Every article has a number of steps, each one with either a mini video clip showing a particular function (like clicking on the ‘Webpages’ section) or an image that demonstrates where you are in the process. Just like with the support videos, these articles are designed to methodically guide you through the execution of a particular function (how to create a custom field, how to use slugs, how to set a discount code, etc.)

It really is that simple. Just follow the steps of each article and you will not go wrong. 


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We have a huge range of support articles and videos that are there to teach you the basics and help you unlock the full potential of your DotGO website.


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