Bulk Image Manager

For any online shop, images are king. Every product needs multiple high-quality, perfectly optimised images if they are going to attract the customer. Even if you have, say, 30 items in your online shop – let alone thousands, like some do – that is a lot of images to worry about. Going into each individual item to edit its images would be a laborious, time-consuming process, making it more likely that minor mistakes creep in.

With DotGO’s bulk image manager, however, you have a delightfully accessible area containing every single item and its corresponding images, allowing you to freely edit, move around, delete and add images across multiple items at once. No need to go into each item individually; just enter the bulk image manager and make sweeping changes in no time.  

Digital Products

Sooner rather than later, the internet will be awash with digital items for sale, non-physical commodities that can be purchased directly and accessed in the post-sale email as a clickable link or document. In a way, this is already happening with streaming platforms and other social channels where videos and audio content are sold.

Well, at DotGO, the future is here. Our digital downloads feature allows you to sell a digital item in its own right or, if required, attach a downloadable file or link to a physical item, like a piece of clothing, to act as an additional piece of information. Or perhaps as a form for people to enter a competition. There are so many possibilities with this feature. Make sure you take advantage of them.

Gift Wrapping

Doing a little bit extra for the customer goes a long way, which is why we have included a gift-wrapping option that allows you to round off a purchase in the perfect way. You have the power to decide exactly how much to charge for your gift-wrapping service, and can even include a default message for the customer. Not the most important feature, granted, but these little additional features can significantly boost user experience.


Our bulk discounts feature gives you full power over the kind of offers you want to give to customers. Through the use of bulk discount pricing bands, the customer receives a specific level of discount when they purchase a certain quantity of items. You can set a discount of 10% for people who purchase, say, anywhere between three and five items, with that percentage increasing for the next band of six to 10 items. This discount bands system, therefore, gives you real freedom over the kind of incentives you provide to customers.

Moreover, if you wanted to reward an exclusive group of loyal customers, our ecommerce website design system allows you to provide people with a link – sent via email – that gives them a certain discount for a period of 24 hours. This kind of offer is hugely popular with customers by ensuring that your most loyal visitors are made to feel special.

Intelligent Groups

As an ecommerce website, you need to divide your products into groups, which can then be plugged into your webpages. For instance, you may want a group of “affordable items” or a group of “summer items”. To do this, most people will manually build a group, adding an item in one by one. This method, however, is a waste of time when you have a high number of items.

With our automated rules feature, however, you can let the DotGO ecommerce website design system build the groups for you. By setting intelligent criteria – for instance, stipulating that only items with a “Summer” tag can enter the group – your groups will automatically build as you add an edit your items accordingly. Super easy and super convenient. What’s not to love about that?

Do you own an E-commerce website but feel like you are not getting the most out of the tools at your disposal? Feeling a bit confused over some features? If so, don't worry - we've got you covered all the way. 

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