Discounts, Promos, Giveaways

This is the bread and butter for any new business. You should be thinking of ways to engage people with tantalising offers that spell out - with extreme clarity - how the customer benefits from the exchange. Online shops will often place a promotion or giveaway at the forefront of their website, meaning that customers can instantly enter some personal data and have a chance of getting something for free in return.

Another popular method, deployed by many ecommerce websites, is taking 10% off every first order. A flash sale, creating a short period in which products are much cheaper, serves as another option. By giving customers this ‘edge’, a feeling of getting something they want for very little, your ecommerce website immediately locates a pool of potential long-term customers – people who know about your website and are interested your products.

Target Free Traffic Sources

As a new ecommerce website, your main concern is generating traffic online. Your website means very little if it sits their idly, waiting for someone to come along. At the same time, though, you don’t want to pay for advertising just yet. While that will come later, taking advantage of free traffic sources is a no-brainer when it comes to drumming up visitors to your ecommerce website.

You can do this in a number of ways. Going onto ecommerce forums and setting up personal networks – spaces in which to share ideas and promote your brand – are popular avenues of free traffic. And then, of course, there is social media. Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora – if you can have a strong, dynamic presence across all of these platforms, your business is presented in a more professional light.

Customise Checkout Experience

The checkout experience, as any online shop will tell you, is usually where the customer clicks away from your website. Whether that is due to last-minute reservations or a cumbersome process of clicking and opening up new pages that put the customer off, you have an obligation as a nascent online shop to make your checkout page as perfect as can be.  

Along with making the checkout process incredibly seamless, complete with multiple payment options, there are many ways of funnelling customers towards purchasing the product. Putting a time limit on the checkout and showing stock availability, for example, creates a sense of urgency. Checkout can also be a great time to tempt people with exit intent offers, giving them extra incentive to keep clicking on your website.

Create an Email List

When it comes to boosting traffic for your new website, it means little if the majority of visitors only give your website a cursory look before looking away. You need something that consistently keeps people in the loop, reminds them of your brand, and encourages them to keep visiting. One obvious and hugely popular way of doing this is by constantly building up an email list.

By totting up a list of emails from previous and potential future customers, your business has the power to send content and products to a wide number of personal inboxes – a solid foundation of clients, people who know your business. And unlike with social media, bulk emails are guaranteed to reach everyone. Make sure you include numerous calls to action on your website that invite people to sign up, perhaps even attaching some incentive to joining the mailing list. For many years, emails have been a solid way of building and maintaining important contacts. Take advantage and move ahead of your competition in the process.

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