There comes a point in everybody’s adult life when they must move out of their parent’s house. All those weird, arcane rules are just getting a little too abrasive now; the walls seem to be tighter compared to when you were 15; your parents, love you as they do, want the house to themselves.

And you, of course, need your own space. You have a well-paying job, a good group of friends, but something’s still missing. Your own space. Freedom. Adult life cannot really start, after all, until you have a place that you can definitively call yours.

Following this line of thought, if you have a big eBay shop – replete with hundreds, even thousands, of products – and feel tired with the various restrictions and limitations of eBay, then, well, it’s time to move out, my friend. Now is the time to get an ecommerce website of your own.

“But moving out is a tiresome, complicated process,” I hear you say. “I’m comfy here!” you plead. Well, with DotGO, the process of moving the entirety of your eBay store to your own, independent DotGO website is as simple as can be.

DotGO and eBay recently struck a partnership that enables you to take all the product data, item codes, descriptions, variants and images from your eBay store and import it into your DotGO website with just one click. That’s right – one bloody click (provided you have your eBay login details already saved to your desktop). How good is that? The whole process is totally safe and managed through a secure eBay login link. And if you purchase a big shop with us, you can import up to 500 items for free, with the next blocks of 500 products costing £25 thereafter.  

You may have thousands of products. You may have wanted to move them to your own unique, fast and streamlined website some time ago, only to never do so because the idea of importing thousands of products to another server is too daunting. It is a process that could take hours. But with DotGO, the full transfer of your entire shop to your own bespoke ecommerce website takes minutes.  

At the same time, your eBay store is all still there – just as it was before. Your parent’s house is just like it ever was. The difference is that all of your products now have their own unique ecommerce website in which to reside. They are not just “something I got from eBay”. Your products deserve their own professional platform, their own home.

Limiting yourself to just eBay means implies that you are not a fully-fledged online shop with a wide range of high-quality products. If you discovered that your 31-year-old friend still lives with his mother, you would not take him seriously. The same goes for eBay-only vendors. But in a matter of moments, you could have an eBay store AND your own unique ecommerce website with DotGO – a dual platform that does justice to the quality of your products.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take that leap. It’s time to find your own space and smell the sweet aroma of freedom. Remember, your parents (eBay) aren’t going anywhere. Your online shop is just growing up, and it’s time to give it a proper adult home.