Taking Ecommerce Website Design Into the Future

Small businesses in the UK and around the world have been forced to quickly adapt during the lockdown by bringing their services into the online sphere. A therapist or fitness instructor, for example, must conduct their daily business through a Zoom link. Online shops, whether they sell safety tags or hand-carved wooden figurines, want to ensure that customers receive all relevant information in a simple, efficient manner. Well, at DotGO, we understand these concerns, which is why our ecommerce website design system now incorporates a powerful and dynamic digital downloads section, enabling you to sell documents and links directly from your online store.

Indeed, even if you forget that a global pandemic is happening, the necessity for small businesses to offer downloadable products on their online store – either as an item in itself or as additional information for another item – is obvious in this growingly digitised world. That is why we have built fantastic digital download tools to help your business grow with the times and move past the competition.

Whether you are an instructor, creative or private tutor, your business relies on customers being able to painlessly purchase your services in the form of a downloadable link on your online shop. You may have a great online service that you are passionate about, but that means nothing if you do not have a streamlined ecommerce website design that clearly showcases what you offer to customers. Buying items online has been the norm for several years now; buying digital items online is quickly following suit. Soon, most major online shops will have seamlessly incorporated downloadable products into their store. Make sure that your business is not left behind.

Sell a Wide Variety of Digital Items

Online services are becoming growingly prevalent and come in many different shapes and sizes. Perhaps your business relies on Zoom meetings, or maybe you are a company that produces written content on slides or text documents. Different businesses have different concerns. That is why our digital downloads system allows you to upload products and links, both of which have a different function.

Products, for example, relate to an internal document that you have personally uploaded to the library, such as a PDF. Alternatively, you may need to add an external link such as an article or a Zoom meeting. In each instance, the customer purchases the digital product in your online shop, and the downloadable item or external link becomes available in the confirmation email. The whole process is delightfully simple.

Our digital downloads feature allows you to easily upload all popular file formats when you are designing your ecommerce website. PDFs, Microsoft Office documents (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.), videos and images can all be immediately uploaded in just a few clicks. If your file is not in that format, or if you want to upload multiple files at one time, all you need to do is place the document(s) in a zip file, and you’re good to go.  

Do It Your Way

As a small business owner, you want every aspect of your ecommerce website design to be unique and meet your exact requirements. And you want the process to be as simple as possible. We understand this notion, which is why we allow you to create smart-links that contain a self-destruct option. “Why is this useful?” I hear you ask. You may be selling a video to clients, but only want the link to be available for two hours after purchase, or perhaps run a fashion website and want a list of tips to accompany every product after purchase until the weekend. Our brilliant software enables you to quickly and seamlessly make these specific adjustments to suit your goals.

Moreover, this feature allows you to add a piece of written information that sits above the downloadable product or external link in the confirmation email after the item has been purchased. This could be handy when you need customers to access a list of instructions prior to access. Even if you are an online shop selling clothes or furniture, attaching a downloadable link along with a message in the confirmation email can be extremely helpful.

Wow Your Customers

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. They want to buy quality products from a professional business that they trust. By offering downloadable products that have compelling descriptions, specified self-destruct rules and a personalised message of instructions, your customer’s experience is significantly improved. When they view the neatly composed, clearly signposted confirmation email after purchasing the product, the customer feels like they are in good hands, and are therefore much more likely to visit your store again.

Selling digital products from an online shop has never been more prevalent. More and more businesses are moving towards greater digitisation, and you don’t want to be left behind. With DotGO, we have all the tools you need to keep your business ahead of the competition. Don’t wait until tomorrow; get familiar with our digital downloads section and start designing an incredible ecommerce website right away.

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