When it comes to managing your online shop, items are king. They serve as the foundation of your website. The better you know how to manage them in an expeditious and personalised manner, the easier it becomes to efficiently manage your online shop. All successful online shops can make sweeping changes to numerous items, moving them wherever needed, in just a few easy clicks. DotGO’s ecommerce website design system enables you to do just that.

By using the bulk editor function, located at the top of your list of items, you can apply a particular rule to just one or all of your items. Say you wanted to apply a new tag – maybe one called ‘sale items’ – to five items in particular. This is as easy as pie. By ticking on the items you want and using the bulk editor, you have successfully classified items into a group in a way that was faster, easier and slicker than that of your competitors.

This bulk editor feature enables you to mass-manage more than just tags. In just a few quick clicks, you can increase or decrease price, add or remove categories, infotabs and groups along with either locking or pausing items. Mastering this takes no time at all, and doing so means that you are doing things faster, and better, than your competitors.


If items serve as the foundation on which your online store sits, then images play the role of your glistening shopfront. You have likely read in previous blogs that getting your images absolutely perfect can be the decisive factor when a new customer finds your online shop. You need to make sure that images are high-resolution, perfectly consistent, and taken from many different angles. If they fail to satisfy these criteria, the customer will click away.

As a result, it is crucial that your ecommerce website design system allows you to manage all your items easily and rapidly in one place. If you have over 100 items, then you may have almost 1000 images. Having to enter each item individually, managing the images for that particular item before moving on to the next, would be a painfully long and frustrating process. It will be much harder – nay, impossible – to stay on top of your images and ensure that they are all perfect for each item.

Well, with DotGO’s ecommerce website design system, the process of managing images across multiple items is incredibly simple. Thanks to the ‘bulk image manager’ feature, you can view all your items and images in one easily navigable place. Every item on the left-hand side has its corresponding images to the right, allowing users to add, delete and manage their existing images as they see fit. Instead of clicking through to one item, editing its images and then going back to the main menu in order to enter another item, you can do all image management in one place.

No going back or forth; no additional links to click. Just enter the bulk image manager and you have complete autonomy over editing your images, saving your business precious time and making it much easier to have consistently brilliant product pictures.


So, thanks to DotGO’s ecommerce website design system, you can comfortably manage all your items, images and tags at once, saving you and your business precious time. But what if you have just established an ecommerce website and need to upload multiple products – along with a swathe of relevant information – to your server? Wouldn’t it be a pain if you had to upload items, and all their data, on a one-by-one basis?

Well, it’s funny you should ask, because DotGO’s ecommerce website design system has an emphatic answer to this problem: the bulk upload spreadsheet. Located inside the items area, this preloaded Excel document enables users to enter all their items onto one spreadsheet, along with data such as descriptions, stock code, price, weight, and two variants such as size or colour, followed by the unique value for each item.

Instead of creating a new item on a one-by-one basis – you can do this as well, though, if that is what your shop requires – the bulk spreadsheet upload provides you with one simple document which simply requires you to input all your product information, hit save, and upload. By entering information into some previously build fields, you are quite literally building your online shop – all from just one document. If you aren’t doing this already, jump on board, or else you will find yourself falling behind the competition.

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